LaVaMinion - Emperor

10.00 GBP


This rank includes:

  1. /Fly - Fly around the server without any hesitation.
  2. /eglow Gold - Outlines / Glows,  player into gold color.
  3. /Pet - Opens gui select pet ENDERMAN.
  4. /Pet - Opens gui select pet parrot.
  5. /Wings - Custom Animated Wings...
  6. /D villager - Disguise as a villager.
  7. Chat In This Color, In The Chat...
  8. /Kit Emperor - Exclusive kit for this rank
  9. 1 Tags Crate Key
  10. 1 Spawner Crate Key

By purchasing this rank, you help the server grow and expand. It also helps us to maintain the server and provide you with great in game features. Thankyou - LaVaMS