LaVaMinion - Legend

70.00 GBP


This rank includes:

  1. /Nick - Change your ingame user name to a nickname, and use color-formats...
  2. /Invsee - Look inside the inventory of another individual.
  3. /Sethome 1-3 - You can set 3 homes.
  4. /eglow Red - Outline / Glows your player into a red color.
  5. /Pet - Opens a gui select these pets [Creeper,Skeleton,Zombie,Cow,Chicken,Sheep]
  6. /Kit Legend - Exclusive kit for this rank.
  7. EXCLUSIVE light blue in game chat color.
  8.  All the perks of inferior ranks.
  9. 2 Tags Crate Keys...

By purchasing this rank, you help the server grow and expand. It also helps us to maintain the server and provide you with great in game features. Thankyou -LaVaMS