Emperor - Obsidian

40.00 GBP


This rank includes:

  1. EXCLUSIVE: Chat in this color.
  2. /Pet - Opens a gui select the pet BEE - You can also ride the bee/ fly it and wear it on head.
  3. /Disguise - Cow, chicken, sheep, bat, donkey, dolphin, cat, rabbit. - Disguise as these creatures.
  4. /Setwarp <warpname> - Create warps and teleport to them anytime anywhere, /warp.
  5. /Pv 1-15 - Open Uptoo 15 PlayerVaults...
  6. /Kit Obsidian - Exclusive kit for this rank!
  7.  All the perks of the inferior ranks..
  8. Claim upto 3 Plots in the Plotworld [ Factions ]...
  9. 2 Tags Crate Keys...

By purchasing this rank, you help the server grow and expand. It also helps us to maintain the server and provide you with great in game features. Thankyou - LaVaMS