15.00 GBP

Additional Commands:
/Colors - Chat In Aqua,

/eglow white, Select and glow in white.
/Realname - Check The Real name of the players.
/Pets - Select Fox, Wolf | Mount + Hat.

- Scholar prefix beside your name in the server
- 3 Homes - Allows you to set up to 3 homes with the /sethome command
- 5 Vault - Allows you to access 5private vaults anywhere with /pv 5. Is similar to an enderchest but has a separate inventory from it.
- Skip the teleport cooldown!
- + 4 Skill Points, + 4 Attribute Points.

Kit: (31 days cooldown)
Diamond Sword - Sharpness II, Unbreaking I
Diamond Pickaxe - Efficiency II, Unbreaking I
Diamond Axe - Efficiency II, Unbreaking I
Steak - x5
Diamond Helmet - Protection II, Unbreaking I
Diamond Chestplate - Protection II, Unbreaking I
Diamond Leggings - Protection II, Unbreaking I
Diamond Boots - Protection II, Unbreaking I